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What Is a Civil Litigation Case

Civil litigation basically refers to non-criminal lawsuits. In order to assist you with these cases, you should hire the services of an experienced civil litigation attorney.

What Cases Qualify as Civil Litigation?

A criminal lawsuit would refer to something such as assault and battery. Civil litigation is more concerned with other types of disputes. Cases that fall under this umbrella include:
•    Discrimination lawsuits
•    Debt settlement
•    Alimony
•    Real estate lawsuit
•    Divorce dispute
•    Workers’ compensation
•    Medical malpractice claim
•    Landlord and tenant dispute

What Is the Cycle of One of These Cases?

There are several different stages to these cases. First, there will be the investigation stage. This is when your attorney will take time collecting evidence and gathering eyewitness testimony in order to build your case. After sufficient evidence has been collected, it is highly likely the two parties will meet to discuss the case and try to reach a settlement. If a settlement can be reached, then the lawsuit is over without ever proceeding to court. However, if the two sides cannot agree, then both parties will go to court where a jury will decide an outcome.
Civil litigation attorneys need to be knowledgeable in numerous legal fields. Make sure you hire someone to represent you whom you trust and call Witzel & Zoeller Lawyers PC for additional information.
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