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How to Restore Your Michigan Driver's License

Driver's License
Michigan revokes and suspends driving licenses based on illegal activities, including driving with a suspended license, failing to carry auto insurance, committing drug violations, and failing to appear in court. The process of restoring your driver's license after the state has revoked or suspended it can be lengthy. In fact, the process is much more complex than applying for your very first driver's license.
Are you unsure about the steps ahead of you? You are not alone. Michigan makes the process of reinstating your license complex. Read on to see what you should do next.

Satisfy Court Obligations

First, you must ensure that you have reached the required amount of time for your license suspension or revocation. The amount of time you face suspension is based on the reason why your license was revoked or suspended in the first place.
If you lost your license as a result of alcohol or drug use, you may be required to complete a rehabilitation program. You may also be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for a specific period after the suspension.
If your license was suspended because you failed to carry insurance, you must insure and register your vehicle before you apply for your license. Ensure you keep up with payments to prevent another lapse.
Essentially, you must correct the issue that caused you to lose your license in the first place. Careful consideration goes into deciding who is eligible to receive their license once it has been taken away.

Submit Reinstatement Application

Once the suspension is over, you must reapply for a new license. You can find a reinstatement application at your local DMV. A list of Michigan DMV offices is available on the web.
You are free to take the forms and documents home to mail them in, but you can also submit the application in person at the DMV. If you choose to do this, you must bring proof of identity, proof of legal status in Michigan, proof of address, and your Social Security number. When you submit your application, you are also required to pay reinstatement fees for your driver's license.

Attend a Hearing

If your driver's license was suspended based on drunk driving convictions, you must attend a Driver Assessment and Appeal Division Hearing in which you provide evidence you are not going to be a threat on the road. This evidence may include testimonial letters, drug screenings over a long period of time, and a substance abuse evaluation.
During your appeal, you must have enough sober time under your belt to convince those in charge you can be trusted on the road again. The court wants to see evidence of sobriety from all substances. To ensure that you comply with sobriety, the court may order you complete a substance abuse evaluation or provide other evidence of sobriety, such as a physician's statement of examination.
The hearing will also require that you testify about your own ability to drive responsibly. If you receive a DUI or DWI in the future, this could prevent you from ever getting your license back again. Ensure you are ready to receive your license before setting up a hearing.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

You might not realize you should discuss license reinstatement with a criminal defense attorney, but you may find it helpful. Your attorney will help you prepare for the hearing as well as provide you with the evidence you need to support your appeal for restoration.
Witzel & Zoeller Lawyers PC can help you restore your Michigan license. Call us today to set up a consultation to discuss your case in depth. Our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to examine your case and help you fight for your driver's license.
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